Koh Samui, A Tropical Paradise

Picture a island nestling from the calm, blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand Inspired by coral reefs with shores of powder soft white sand framed by a backdrop of coconut trees, their fronds dance in the breeze. The shore and slopes are teeming with coconut palms which makes Koh Samui that the ‘Coconut Capital of Thailand’. It’s stated the island sends 2,000.000 coconuts a month to Bangkok. A few of those rock formations seem to defy gravity by dangling radically against the hillside. This tropical paradise is named Koh Samui. A 250 square kilometre curved island that’s roughly exactly the exact same dimensions as Penang taxi to pattaya.


The magical island came to the attention of world travelers as it began to crop up in dialogue in lots of the affordable resorts that then clustered around Bangkok’s Hualamphong Railway channel some 45 decades back. It was tricky to reach, necessitating particular negotiation with sailors in Suratthani lying 80 kilometres throughout the sea on the mainland. When you touched the island there was no street and those intrepid voyagers jumped from shore to shore by boat. In the last twenty plus years things have changed hugely.

The island is currently served by an global airport which appears much like a botanical garden compared to the accepted convention of practical ‘air channel’. A 52-kilometre street rings Samui and hyperlinks all of the significant cities. Nathon the funds plays host into government buildings and banks and functions as one of the ferry ports serving the Thai mainland. The road skirts the 635-metre mountain which sits thickly astride the landmass and takes from the main hotels of Lamai and Chaweng. Lamai is the smaller of the two and provides a quieter and possibly cleaner shore. The latter caters to, possibly, a younger and more energetic visitor. Further on lies Bangrak is much better called “Big Buddha Beach” as it takes its title from the enormous Buddha statue in the eastern end of the bay. Borphut boasts a stylish fisherman’s village, much favoured by French tourists and Maenam into the north provides breathtaking views around Koh Phangan and the Ang Thong Natural Marine Park.

This region is a lot less crowded compared to the bustling Chaweng and the somewhat quieter Lamai. It still keeps its first Thai flavour. But to get to grips with true ‘Samui’ that you want to lease a vehicle or motorbike and choose one of numerous streets that lead from the shore and to the mountain. As you climb higher you come to rubber plantations and concealed off villages clustering around paddy areas, still hanging on a conventional lifestyle that’s far removed from the tourist dominated hotels, hotels, restaurants and pubs that bunch around the shore.

Samui has through the years developed a reputation as center of complementary medicine that provides spas created to detox people of an overstressed globe.
Sit at the vegetarian restaurant following half an hour and turn your mind to the west you’ll see spectacular sunsets over the islands which include the Ang Thong National Park. It interferes with supervised detox and detox treatments.



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