Premier League Tickets Average Price

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The Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. It has been around for over 25 years and has consistently produced some of the best players in the game. In fact, many teams have had multiple international players over that time period. If you’re looking to see some live Premier League action then this article will help you know what to expect when buying tickets.

Arsenal Premier League Tickets

Arsenal Tickets are the most expensive in the Premier League. The Gunners have an average ticket price of $81 and a median ticket price of $80, making them second only to Real Madrid in terms of cost. However, they have only been able to maintain this position for one season–they were previously overtaken by Manchester United when they won their first title under Jose Mourinho’s guidance back in 2016/17.

Arsenal also boast some of Europe’s highest prices: their cheapest matchday tickets are more expensive than any other English club (other than Chelsea), while their most expensive ones are third-highest behind Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Everton Premier League Tickets

Everton are the only club from Liverpool to have won the league title, doing so in 1894. They’ve also won five FA Cups, which is more than any other club in England. In fact, Everton have competed in every FA Cup final since 1906 (a total of 32 finals).

The club’s home ground is Goodison Park and they have an average Premier League ticket price of $39 per game.

Liverpool FC Premier League Tickets

Liverpool FC is one of the most popular clubs in Europe and has a loyal fan base. The club has a large stadium, which seats over 54,000 spectators. Liverpool FC also has a great team with some of the best players in the world on it. They won two Champions League titles (2005 and 2007) and seven FA Cups before being relegated from England’s top division in 1953 after finishing 18th out of 20 teams.

In 1970 Liverpool was promoted back into England’s top flight after winning Division Two by nine points over second-place Leeds United on goal difference alone thanks to having scored more goals than any other team during their 36 matches played over 38 rounds at this level during that campaign.”

Manchester City Premier League Tickets

Manchester City is the richest club in the Premier League and has some of the most expensive tickets. In fact, Manchester City’s average ticket price of $60 is second only to Arsenal ($68). If you’re looking to see Manchester City play live at home, you can expect to pay between $55 and $80 per seat depending on where you sit.

Manchester City also has one of the highest attendances in England’s top flight league with an average attendance of 54,719 fans per match during 2017/18 season–that’s more than double what Tottenham Hotspur had (26th place) and almost three times as much as Burnley (20th place). It should also be noted that Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium holds 55,000 people; making it Europe’s third largest stadium behind Wembley Stadium (90K) and Old Trafford (75K).

Manchester United Premier League Tickets

Manchester United are the most successful club in English football, with a record 19 Premier League titles and 11 FA Cups to their name. The Red Devils have also won five League Cups, three UEFA Champions Leagues and one Intercontinental Cup.

Manchester United’s home stadium is Old Trafford which has a capacity of 75000 people.

Premier League football Tickets Vary From Club To Club.

The average price of Premier League Tickets varies from club to club. The most expensive tickets are those at Arsenal and Chelsea, while the cheapest are those at Leicester City and Burnley.

The most expensive season ticket costs over £2,000 at both Stamford Bridge and Emirates Stadiums with prices starting at £1,955 for a seat in row one of the Matthew Harding Lower Tier.

The cheapest season ticket comes in at just under £1,000 which can be purchased for any seat anywhere within Coventry’s Ricoh Arena – however this does not include cup games or pre-season friendlies which will cost extra on top of this price tag


The average price of Premier League Tickets varies from club to club. It’s important to know that these prices are based on the type of seat you want, not just the team. For example, if you want a ticket in the cheapest section at Anfield Stadium then it will cost around £30.00 per person but if you want to sit in one of those fancy boxes then they can cost up to £15000 per game!